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This list only shows little history changelog. See the full changelog of this item --> FULL CHANGELOG.
18 Dec 2022 - Version

Fix - Avoid fatal when `tribe_get_global_query_object` is called too early. [BTRIA-1556]

01 Dec 2022 - Version 6.0.4

* Version - Events Calendar PRO 6.0.4 is only compatible with The Events Calendar 6.0.5 and higher

* Feature - Reorganization of Event Settings. [TCMN-149]

* Fix - Prevent events from outside a series from showing on the series summary page. [ECP-1372]

* Fix - Fix a query issue where getting Event taxonomy terms would compromise the following query results. [ECP-1416]

* Fix - Avoid array access errors when adding a date exclusions to recurrence rules. [ECP-1419]

* Deprecation - `Tribe__Events__Pro__Main::filter_settings_tab_fields()`.

* Language - 78 new strings added, 231 updated, 3 fuzzied, and 22 obsoleted.

17 Nov 2022 - Version 6.0.3

* Version - Events Calendar PRO 6.0.3 is only compatible with The Events Calendar 6.0.4 and higher

* Fix - Prevent broken view related `tribe_is_*()` methods to be broken when using with WordPress 6.1 [TEC-4552]

* Fix - Fix for migrating offset RRULE with different time > The RRULE shows as being the same time as the first occurrence. [ECP-1269]

* Fix - Fix for fatal when saving an empty recurrence date in classic editor. [ECP-1363]

* Fix - Refactor Custom Tables v1 post-decorating code to avoid serialization/unserialization issues. [TEC-4379]

* Fix - Fixed issue where "Event will not occur" option doesn't work unless events begin at the top of the hour (:00). [ECP-1355]

* Fix - Fixed fatal error with queueing of the migration telemetry report. [ECP-1403]

* Fix - Avoid fatal errors when hydrating Occurrences cache on incoherent database or cache state. [ECP-1402]

* Fix - Ensure view labels are translated appropriately. [TEC-4485]

* Fix - Prevent `E_ERROR` when using third-party plugins with blocks editor around `tec_event_series()` method [ECP-1409]

* Fix - Avoid type errors in the `tec_events_pro_blocks_recurrence_meta` filter. [TEC-4559]

* Fix - Ensure tribe() singletons are bound before attempting to use them. [ECP-1396]

* Fix - Avoid duplicated queries by including a memoization for Occurrence data. [TBD]

* Fix - Prevent errors when adding exclusion dates to recurring events using the Custom Tables implementation. [ECP-1401]

* Fix - Mitigated PHP errors related Occurrence and Provisional Post objects. [ECP-1402]

* Language - 6 new strings added, 113 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted.

06 Nov 2022 - Version

* Fix - Fixed an issue where migrated Recurring Event Occurrences would not be displayed on the frontend. [ECP-1398]

* Fix - Refactor Custom Tables v1 post-decorating code to avoid serialization/unserialization issues. [TEC-4379]

21 Oct 2022 - Version 6.0.2

* Fix - Series Post Type now is registered with `with_front => false` which prevents the URL weirdness for Series Archive page. [ECP-1340]

* Fix - Correct a few misnamed custom prop references. [TEC-4445]

* Fix - Ensure all the Virtual Event assets required by the Elementor Event widget load correctly. [ECP-1255]

* Fix - Remove strict type hinting from Custom Tables v1 code that could cause fatals in some environments. [ECP-1343]

* Fix - Avoid post ID related issues in Custom Tables v1 queries. [TEC-4770]

* Fix - Solve issues with unregistred Series post type during migration. [ECP-1321]

* Fix - Redirect was failing on edge case where RDATE would be split to new event. Centralized redirection. [ECP-1366]

* Fix - Language fix. A typo in evaluating whether an occurrence update notice message was for a recurring event or not, would cause to evaluate incorrectly. [ECP-1366]

* Fix - Editing an RDATE occurrence > Issue when saving for "This and following events". The events would be split but the RDATEs were not moved properly and the date would not adjust correctly. [ECP-1361]

* Fix - Improve the logic of the Blocks Editor code to detect recurring events. [ECP-1374]

* Fix - Ensure Week View checks positive for `tribe_is_by_date`. [TEC-4509]

* Fix - Some "event updated" messages were displaying wrong verbs and a duplicate published notice was showing. [ECP-1383]

* Fix - Correct some migration errors around ensuring we have an object before accessing its properties. [ECP-1361]

* Tweak - Hook into the filter in TEC to allow Week view to be listed as a by-date-view. [TEC-4458]

* Tweak - Improve some error messaging around migrations. [ECP-1336]

* Language - 3 new strings added, 126 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 3 obsoleted.

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